Department of Ukrainian Language, Theory and History of Ukrainian and World Literature

The Department of Ukrainian Language and Culture was established on the basis of the Departments of Ukrainian Language (until February 1, 2016 – Ukrainian Language and Applied Linguistics) and the Department of Ukrainian Philology and Culture. Stories of the two departments are closely intertwined: the latter is a subsidiary of the Ukrainian language department, separated from it in May 1995 to teach the Ukrainian language, as well as subjects of Ukrainian studies and cultural studies to students of Donetsk National University.
With its origins and history, the Department of Ukrainian Language and Culture is fully connected with the establishment and development of Donetsk (Stalin) Pedagogical Institute, later Donetsk State University, since 2001 – Donetsk National University, and since October 2016 – Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University.

The history of the Department dates back to the mid-1937, when a joint Department of Ukrainian, Russian and Foreign Literature appeared at Stalin Pedagogical Institute. S.S. Gutsalo was its first Head, who also headed the Department in the postwar period – until 1952. The Department in the 1940s included M.V. Logvinova, K.F. Spasenko, as well as graduates of 1941 – M.S. Lysak, I.F. Oslyak (who later was a Head of Zhytomyr Pedagogical Institute), V.A. Safronova. The graduates of the Department were: a prominent Ukrainian poet, literary critic, human rights activist, Hero of Ukraine, Vasyl Stus, and a leading Ukrainian literary critic and culturologist, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ivan Dziuba.

Department of General and Applied Linguistics and Slavic Philology

The Department of General and Applied Linguistics and Slavic Philology was established in August 1966 (until the early 1970s it was called the Department of General and Slavic Linguistics, until 2015 – the Department of General Linguistics and History of Language). Its first head was the Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor V. Zhuravliov. From 1971 to 1975, the department was headed by the Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor – L. Sarkisova, and from the beginning of 1976 to 2014 the department was headed by Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Honored Professor of Donetsk National University, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Yevhen Otin. The first employees of the department in the 60’s – 70’s were E. Otin, L. Sarkisova, P. Seheda, V. Tokar, H. Rikhter, I. Kurdiumova, O. Bilyk, L. Pomeranska, I. Pryntsevskyi, A. Symonenko, A. Kreitor, S. Malyshev, R. Syrota, E. Tsarenko. Further the stuff was supplemented and renewed at the expense of talented youth, graduates of the Philological Faculty- L. Borysova, N. Kasianenko, M. Lutsenko, V. Mozhunov, K. Pershyna, V. Pylypak, N. Yaroshenko.

Department of Psychology

Specialty 053 “Psychology” was introduced at Donetsk State University (Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University since 2016) in 2000. The Department of Psychology together with its Learning Lab were founded in 2003 with the postgraduate training programme added in 2006. This was achieved through the proactive stand of V. P. Shevchenko, the former rector of the university and the member of NAS of Ukraine, and Ye. S. Otin, the dean of the Faculty of Philology. The greatest contribution to emergence and development of specialty was made by V. D. Potapova, an admirable person, a noted scholar, PsyD, professor, the head of the Donbass Association of Psychologists, the chief editor of the first-ever “Psychology” national newspaper in Ukraine, who held the position of the chair of the Department of Psychology to the last.