General information about the faculty

General information about the faculty

The Faculty of Philology, Psyhology and Foreign Language of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University it’s over 80 years of experience and achievements, strong structure of the university and like-minded people, enterprising and not indifferent people. Training is provided by the teaching staff of four graduating departments: Ukrainian language, theory and history of Ukrainian and world literature; general and applied linguistics and Slavic philology; psychology; teory and practice of translation; English plilology; foreing languages for specific purposes; Romance and German philology and world literature.
In addition to full-time employees, leading researchers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, scientists and teachers of other countries, well-known cultural figures, well-known journalists and psychologists are also invited to ensure the educational process.
The faculty annually holds scientific conferences, publishes scientific periodicals, where not only teachers but also students publish their research. Scientific work is also carried out by agreements concluded with other universities of Ukraine, near and far abroad.

Departments of the Faculty of Philology, Psyhology and Foreign Language

Department of Ukrainian Language, Theory and History of Ukrainian and World Literature

Department of General and Applied Linguistics and Slavic Philology

Department of Psychology

Department of Translation Theory and Practice

Department of English Philology

Department of Romance and German Philology and World Literature

Department of Foreign Languages of Professional Specialism


Biletska Olena

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Romance and German Philology and World Literature of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University.

Dear students!

All information that directly relates to the current moments of the educational process: class schedules, tests, exams, course programs and literature to them, questions to tests and exams, and so on, should be located on the portal of the faculty.

History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Philology, Psyhology and Foreign Language was founded in 1937 as part of the Pedagogical Institute and had three departments: Russian language, Ukrainian language with the sub-section of foreign languages, as well as the Department of Russian, Ukrainian and foreign literature. Twelve lecturers worked in the departments. The Russian Language Department was headed by H. Rikhter, the Ukrainian Language Department with the Foreign Languages sub-section – by R. Lvivska, the Literature Department – by Hutsalo. the first dean in 1937 was appointed E.V. Volotovsky. On the eve of the war, V.I. Kostecki, who died at the front, became dean. In the postwar years, the deans of the faculty were E.F. Ashmarin and Y.F. Hrytsai…