Department of Romance and German Philology and World Literature

Department of Romance and German Philology and World Literature

The teaching staff of the Department of Romance Languages and World Literature provides educational activities in the program subject area 035 Philology, study programs “French and Translation”, “English and Translation”, “German and Translation” in the following disciplines:

Bachelor’s degree:

  • first foreign language (French);
  • second foreign language (French and Spanish);
  • history of foreign literature;
  • general theoretical disciplines, in particular “Fundamentals of the Theory of Language Communication”, “Fundamentals of Linguistic Research”.

Master’s degree:

  • second foreign language (French and Spanish);
  • general theoretical disciplines, in particular “Methodology and Methods of Linguistic and Literary Research. Preparation of Qualification (Master’s) Work”, etc.

The academic staff of the department teaches French and Spanish to students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Department members give lectures and practical classes, individual consultations, are in charge of assistant and production practices, develop working educational programs, publish scientific and methodical works.

Lecturers prepare students for their future professional activities, using conventional and new teaching methods, and are engaged in scientific and organizational work. The Department of Romance Languages and World Literature ensures that students are informed about events in modern socio-political and artistic life in France. There is a possibility to read the publications of the French and Spanish press, get the necessary materials for research or self-education at the department. Dictionaries, manuals, textbooks, sound and video materials, reference books, etc. are at the students’ disposal at the department.

The Department of Romance Languages fruitfully cooperates with the French Information and Methodological Center. Representatives of the French Embassy in Ukraine often visit the department, give lectures, participate in conferences, debates and other events.

Obviously, the life of the department does not only include educational and methodological problems. Students are actively engaged in science, participate in scientific and methodological conferences of various levels and achieve successful results.

The department is the organizer of the annual All-Ukrainian scientific conference “Topical Issues of German, Romance and Slavic Languages and Literatures and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages”, and also prepares issues of scientific papers collection “Typology of Language Meanings in Diachronic and Contrastive Aspects” (responsible person – Ph. D., senior lecturer D. Ye. Ihnatenko).

Head of the department

Biletska Olena

 Cand. Sc. (Philology), Associate Professor, Acting Head of the Department of German Philology, Deputy Dean for Educational and Methodical Work of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University

History of the Department

The Department of Romance Languages and World Literature combines educational and scientific traditions of two departments (Department of French and Department of World Literature and Classical Philology), which after the relocation of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University to Vinnytsia joined forces to preserve the high qualifications of future specialists. Each of these departments has a long history and significant success in the pedagogical field, as well as outstanding scientific achievements.

Educational programs

Specialty 035.05 Romance languages and literatures (translation included), first – French (French language and translation)

The educational and professional training program provides for the generation of skills and competencies of translators and of teachers of foreign languages and literatures. Teaching of profile disciplines exclusively in foreign languages, use of a self-access-center in the process of teaching, performance of scientific researches in the field of philology, passing of industrial (translation) practice.