Department of Psychology

Specialty 053 “Psychology” was introduced at Donetsk State University (Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University since 2016) in 2000. The Department of Psychology together with its Learning Lab were founded in 2003 with the postgraduate training programme added in 2006. This was achieved through the proactive stand of V. P. Shevchenko, the former rector of the university and the member of NAS of Ukraine, and Ye. S. Otin, the dean of the Faculty of Philology. The greatest contribution to emergence and development of specialty was made by V. D. Potapova, an admirable person, a noted scholar, PsyD, professor, the head of the Donbass Association of Psychologists, the chief editor of the first-ever “Psychology” national newspaper in Ukraine, who held the position of the chair of the Department of Psychology to the last.

Since its foundation, the Department of Psychology has been holding a prominent place among highly trained specialists. It promotes international cooperation, focusing on the processes of the educational and scientific European integration. The staff of the department are actively engaged in the scientific research. On separate occasions the students of the Department of Psychology had an opportunity to share best practices with other students and experts from different countries and to cooperate with such leading Ukrainian psychologists as S. D. Maksymenko, L. F. Burlachuk, O. F. Bondarenko, N. V. Chepeleva, V. V. Klymenko, H. O. Ball and others.

Today the Department of Psychology provides bachelor’s degree educational program in Psychology and master’s degree educational program in Psychological Rehabilitation. The graduates get an opportunity to work as psychologists of inclusive education resource centers; psychology teachers and instructors; researchers and assistants in laboratories; collective activities and conflict resolution consultants; psychologists in penitentiary institutions; heads of laboratories; chairs in the centres of social service for youth; educators for handicapped children; methodologists for vocational rehabilitation.

Among other occupations that can be pursued by the graduates of the Department of Psychology are psychologists in psychotherapeutic, psychological, counseling services; psychologists in social organizations (centers of social services for families, children and youth, children’s centers of creativity and leisure, orphanages, shelters, nursing homes and centers for the handicapped); psychologists in recruitment and selection agencies (recruitment company, employment centers, vocational guidance centers); psychologists in companies, small enterprises and business; psychologists in law enforcement agencies (juvenile justice institutions, colonies, distribution centers); psychologists in crisis centers; psychologists in the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (customs offices, rescue services, military organizations).

The researchers of the Department of Psychology annually hold various international and students’ conferences, workshops and round tables. Students and post-graduates take an active part in academic mobility programs and project organizing activities. They participate in Student Olympiad in Psychology as well as in annual Psychological Game, where one can share the information about basic psychological frameworks. Students also have the opportunity to attend Course on Public Speaking and “Academy of Leaders” Training Project. There are also trainings for the first-year students and various modern social projects.

Traditionally, the Department of Psychology arranges the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Personal and Situational Determinants of Health”; the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of Students, Post-Graduates and Young Researchers “Achievements of Modern Psychology”; the All-Ukrainian Seminar “Topical Issues of Mental Health”; Round Table “Determinants of Deviant Behaviour: Criminal Dimension”; Inter-Faculty Round Table “Individual Well-Being in Modern Life Conditions”, etc.

Learning Lab called “The Psychological Consultation and Training Center of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University” functions as a part of the Department of Psychology. The participants of Learning Lab are students of bachelor’s / master’s degrees as well as post-graduates, university staff, workers of local institutions, organizations, enterprises, all residents of Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region who need psychological support and treatment.

The deputy head of the Department of Psychology

Overchuk Viktoriia Anatoliivna

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Psychology

History of the Department

Specialty 053 “Psychology” was introduced at Donetsk State University (Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University since 2016) in 2000. The Department of Psychology together with its Learning Lab were founded in 2003 with the postgraduate training programme added in 2006….

Educational programs

Specialty “Psychology”

Educational program “Psychology”

The purpose of the program is to prepare a specialist competent in the activities related to the analysis, creation, transformation and evaluation of written and oral texts of different genres and styles (both for research, critical, analytical and applied purposes), organization of successful communication. In Ukrainian.

Specialty “Psychology”

Educational program “Psychology”

If you want to be successful and worthy of competing in the labor market – choose a psychology education program! A psychologist is a specialist who deals with the study of mental phenomena of the individual in various fields of human activity to solve research and applied problems, provides psychological assistance and support.