History of The Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes

Our History

The Chair of Foreign Languages for Professional Purposes continues educational and scientific traditions of the two previous foreign language chairs merged when Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University moved to Vinnytsia. The merger took place between the Chair of English for natural sciences and humanities and Chair of English for economics to preserve and improve the quality of training.

Our professors, instructors, and administrative staff successfully organize educational process and conduct research.

The history of the Chair of Foreign Languages for Professional Purposes (the Chair of English before 2002) begins in 1969, the foundational year of the University. Our experienced professors and instructors teach English and other foreign languages to students and graduate students of six faculties of our university. We offer the following courses: English for Professional Purpose, English for Business Communication, Translation Theory Course (for International Relations majors), and Academic English for graduate students.

The scientific interests of our professors and instructors include Pedagogy, Methodology, Foreign Literature Literary Studies, Linguistics. Our professorial and teaching stuff take an active part in the national international scientific conferences on the topic of Language, Culture and Teaching Methods. Most instructors are the members of Ukrainian Association of Language Testing and Assessment (UALTA).

The Chair actively cooperates with the British Council, the Center for Research and Teaching of Foreign Languages (NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv), the Goethe Center for German Language Teaching.

As a part of the Bachelors, Masters and Graduate studies educational programs, the Chair offers foreign language courses (mostly English).

The leading scientific and methodical topic for the Chair is “Methods of teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP).” Its results and findings are regularly shared and discussed at departmental scientific and methodical seminars and workshops.

The staff of the Chair participate in the project of the Ministry of Education and Science and the British Council in Ukraine to develop a national “English for Professional Communication Program” (for universities), to test the textbook “Inside Out” by British publishing house “Macmillan” and other international projects.

The Chair of Foreign Languages for Professional Purposes actively organizes English-language events for non-linguistic majors. We are proud of our annual international students’ conference “Topical Issues of Humanities, Technical and Natural Sciences” traditionally run in the fall.

Our teaching staff offers educational and cultural English-language events for students of non-linguistic specialties. The celebration of the traditional American holiday Halloween is one of the favorites. It is usually attended by the students from different departments who come to the colorful Halloween Party at the assembly hall of the building № 2 Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University (Yangel street, 4).