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Scientific and Research Activity

The Faculty of Philology is renowned for its research schools, scientific publications and events. Scientific research at the faculty is conducted at the departments in accordance with the main aspects of their specialization.

Donetsk onomastic school was created at the Department of General Linguistics and Language History under the leadership of Professor, Doctor of Philology Y.Otin. Its research is focused on various aspects of onym lexicon history and functioning. Journal “Логос ономастіки” (“Λoγoς òυoμαστιή”), Annual “Східноукраїнський лінгвістичний збірник” (“East Ukrainian Linguistic Collection”) and “Вісник Донецького національного університету. Серія Б. Гуманітарні науки” (“Herald of Donetsk National University. Series B. Humanities”) are published at the department. “Святогірські ономастичні читання” (“Sviatogirsk Onomastic Readings”) which have acquired international status are held every year in October in Svyatogirsk. The works of department teachers, among them professor Y. Otin, Professor V. Kalinkin, Professor M. Lutsenko, are well-known in the world of philological science.

Scientific school “Functional Grammar” was developed at the Department of Ukrainian Language and Applied Linguistics under the leadership of corresponding member of national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Philology А. Zagnitko. The department has been taking part in elaboration of two international scientific projects: “Slavic prepositions in synchrony and diachrony” together with scholars from M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Grodno State University, Opole University, Veliko Tarnovo University, Belarus State University, and “Models of slavic simple sentences” together with scholars from M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Belarus State University, Grodno State University. The department has been working on scientific project “Innovative processes in lexicon and grammatical structure of modern Ukrainian language”. Collections of scientific papers “Лінгвістичні студії” (“Linguistic Studies”), “Лінгвокомп’ютерні дослідження” (“Linguistic Computer Research”), “Meтодичні студії” (“Methodological studies”) are published by the department. The department holds a number of workshops and conferences, among them international scientific workshop “Linguist programmer”, Dialectological workshop, international scientific conference “Grammatical readings”, national scientific and methodical conference “Modern technology of teaching humanities: innovative, scientific and applied aspects”.

Over the years the Department of Russian Language has been working on the problem of “Functional and internal structural processes in modern Russian language”. The results of research were reflected in collective monographs, collections of scientific papers, materials of international conferences that took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Poznan (Poland). Since September, 2012 a regional workshop in Russian Studies has been held by the department and since 2013 it has become the main organizator of the international “Russian Studies in ХХІ сentury” conference. In 2012 development of a new area of scientific research namely “Humanitarian region studies: language situation in Donetsk region” started under the leadership of Professor V. Terkulov. Numerous works of the department teachers, among them G. Tsyganenko i V. Terkulov, are well-known in the world of philology science.

A scientific school under the leadership of Professor M.Girshman was created at the Department of Literary Theory. The main areas of its interest are the theory of a literary work as artistic integrity and related practice of holistic analysis of verbal artistic creativity in theoretical, historical and dialogic poetics. Scientific achievements of the department members have been widely recognized in Ukraine as well as abroad. Since 1999 “Літературознавчий збірник” (“Literary Studies” collection of papers ) has been published. The State Attestation Commission of Ukraine included it in the list of scientific publications for publishing materials of candidate and doctoral dissertations. Scientific and methods workshops as well as a conceptual conference of young scientists “Philology of the XXI century” are held annualy. The names of the department scientists, Doctor of Philology M. Girshman and Professor, Doctor of Philology O. Korablyov are renowned in the world of philology science.

The Department of Ukrainian Literature and Folkloristics has been taking part in elaboration of interdepartmental scientific theme “Intertextuality / intersubjectivity: specifics of their artistic realization in a literary work integrity”. A scientific conference “Poetics of Vasyl Stus” is organized by the department. Since 2010 it has conducted various scientific events devoted to the intertextual aspects of literary texts. Since 1998 a periodical collection of scientific papers “Актуальні проблеми української літератури і фольклору” (“Current problems of Ukrainian Literature and Folklore”) included in the list of scientific specialized publications by the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine has been published by the department. Numerous scientific works of the department head — Professor, Doctor of Philology V. Prosalova are well-known among philologists.

Complex scientific theme “Russian literature and modernity” has been elaborated at the Department of Russian Literature under the supervision of Professor V.Fedorov. In January 2012 a scientific conference “Dostoyevsky and modernity” was organized and held together with the Department of Literary Theory and Artistic Culture. A collection of scientific papers “Філологічні дослідження” “Philological Studies” was launched by the department. Numerous articles of the Faculty of Philology scholars as well as scientists from other Ukrainian and foreign universities are systematically published in it. Scientific works of the department teachers, in particular Professor V. Fedorov, Y. Sventsytska are well-known in the world of philological science.

Research interests of the Department of Journalism focus on Donbas regional media and Internet mass media under conditions of Information society development and formation of national information space. In 2012 first national conference “Ukrainian mass-media: current state and formation of information society”. New Journal “World of Social Communications” was launched by the department together with Kyiv International University and Classic private University (Zaporizhzhya) in 2011.

The Department of Ukrainian Philology and Culture research interest is concentrated on scientific theme “Genesis and interaction of linguistic, cultural, and ethnocultural paradigms”. Scientific works of the department head, Doctor of Philology G. Lukash are well-known among philologists, both ukrainian and foreign.

Since its establishment in 2003 the Department of Psychology has conducted research in the area of personal and situational determinants of human behavior and activity. A collective monograph on this subject was published in 2007 and an international conference took place in 2008. In 2011 the department started research in the area of psychological health and well-being of a nation. The same year the international conference “Psychological health and well-being of a nation: challenges, realities and prospects” was organized together with Donbas Association of Psychologists. Members of the department are active participants in the Association work. They are organizators of its annual conferences. Collections of students scientific papers are published every year.

The Department of Pedagogics has been working on the complex scientific theme: “Formation of university students professional pedagogical competence”. Pedagogical school of Professor P.Plotnikov was formed at the department.

Since 2012 the Department has organized regional scientific and practical conference “Pedagogical System of V. Shatalov: essence, achievements and prospects”.

Also the following workshops are regularly held:

  • “Formation of a future specialist ecological culture”
  • “Theoretical Foundations of student scientific work organization.

Renowned scientists work at the department: Professor, Doctor of Pedagogy О. Kucheriavyi, Professor, Doctor of Pedagogy P. Plotnikov.

Postgraduate studies are available in the following specialities:

  • 10.01.01 “Ukrainian Literature”;
  • 10.01.02 “Russian Literature”;
  • 10.01.06 “Literary Theory”;
  • 10.01.07 “Folklore Studies”;
  • 10.02.01 “Ukrainian Language”;
  • 10.02.02. “Russian Language”;
  • 10.02.15 “General Linguistics”;
  • 10.02.17 “Comparative-historical and typological linguistics”;
  • 13.00.01 “General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogy”;
  • 13.00.04 “Theory and Methods of Professional Education”;
  • 13.00.06 “Theory and methods of education management”;
  • 19.00.01 “General Psychology, History of Psychology”.

PhD studies:

  • 10.01.01 “Ukrainian Literature”;
  • 10.01.06 “Literary Theory”;
  • 10.02.01 “Ukrainian Language”;
  • 10.02.15 “General Linguistics”.

There are two specialized councils for dissertation defence (Candidate of Science degree):

  • К 11.051.10. Ukrainian Language and General Linguistics; head of the Council — Doctor of Philology, Professor Y. Otin (10.02.15 “General Linguistics” та 10.02.01 “Ukrainian Language”);
  • К 11.051.11. Literature; head of the Council — Doctor of Philology, Professor V. Fedorov (10.01.06 “Literary Theory”).