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Faculty of Philology

​Faculty of Philology is the oldest at the University, it has rich history and traditions. The faculty is one of the leading scientific and educational centers of Ukraine in the sphere of Ukrainian and Russian philology, applied linguistics, journalistic, psychology and cultural studies.

Firstly we prepare professionals in the area which we call “human studies”, because language, culture, psychology and informational awareness transform man into human. If you want to start searching the truth of human existence, though it can be beyond the reach, then you should enter our faculty. That’s why it’s not surprising that among the graduates of the philological faculty there are a lot of famous scientists, writers, journalists, literature critics, pioneer teachers. In 1953 I. Dzuba, one of the leading Ukrainian theorists of literature and cultural studies, academician, Hero of Ukraine, got the diploma on the specialty “Russian language and literature” and until recently he was a Minister of Culture of Ukraine.

Since 1954 till 1959 Vasil Stus, Hero of Ukraine, famous Ukrainian poet, politically imprisoned person, who tragically died in of imprisoners’ camps, studied at the philological faculty of the University.

These people were brilliant students and received only excellent marks. The played active role in scientific and social life of the faculty. Among the faculty’s graduates one may find famous writers and poets such as V. Holoborodko, E. Lavrenteva, I. Beliy, O. Orach, N. Hatkina and so on.

The faculty provides fundamentality, flexibility of education. The value of the humanitarian education is highly acknowledged in Ukraine and abroad. We are sure that every graduate of our faculty is potentially the A-list graduate, who can reach stars. However, the way to stars is rather long and you can start moving from your first place of work. All of you should have it. Graduates of the faculty work in the sphere of education and culture, media organizations, publishing houses, law-enforcement establishments, commercial structures etc.

Lecturers, who work at 10 different departments of the faculty, are mostly graduates of our University. There are 1 Associate Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Science, 12 Professors, 60 PhD lecturers, associated professors, highly qualified senior lecturers and assistant lecturers. To provide educational process, faculty invites leading scientific members of the Ukrainian Academy of Science. Training of specialists has several levels: Bachelor’s, Specialists’ and Master’s. Several departments offer postgraduate training and doctoral programs.

The structure of the faculty is also comprised by several scientific school. Every year scientific magazines are issued: they consist of articles written by both lecturers and students. Scientific work is carried out according to agreements, concluded with other higher education institutions of Ukraine and other foreign countries.